Declutter Your Wardrobe

Tips on How to Organize Your Closet in No Time

Closet organization can be pretty much of a hassle. Most of us are always on the go, on the run, and can’t even stop to say “hi” to our messy wardrobe. Regardless of how menial organizing can be, it still requires hard work and patience to go through your pile of clothes. It may require a great amount of effort, however, there may be nothing sweeter than the fruit of your own hard work.

One thing about closet organization is knowing where to begin. Here are several ways to sort your way through your closet:

  1. Start with your clothes: It’s always a good idea to sort your clothes into those you no longer use and those you always wear. Whether it’s for a casual day, summer clothes, business wear, or when going to the gym, sort them appropriately. Dispose of those clothes that you no longer use on a daily or weekly basis. Some sell their clothes to a garage sale while others donate their clothes to the homeless. In either case, it is a great way to create a bigger space in your closet. Don’t forget to include your fresh laundry so you won’t have to see them cluttered everywhere.
  2. Next comes the necessities: After you have successfully organized your clothes, now you can start organizing your undergarments. Although they may be smaller than your regular clothes, such pieces of clothing need to be arranged accordingly. It is, as one might say, tricky because, despite the fact that these are of the same size, they are not of the same style. Not all brassieres have the same style. One tip of sorting them is to stack them all together in a shoebox and put them in your drawer.
  3. Lastly: your shoes: An outfit is never complete without a good pair of shoes. Most of us keep them in a separate area from our closet space while others like to keep them together so they can mix and match the outfits they’d like to wear on a particular day. If you’re someone who collects shoes, you can use storage boxes, a shoe cabinet, or a clear shoe box in order to prevent dust and pests from staying in your shoes.

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